special, special, special thanks to you for helping me get started on my own journey. I am particularly grateful for how your personal readings have greatly helped me center myself & deepen my discernment.

I had my first tarot card reading with alecia & I was blown away! the cards she pulled & the interpretations she provided helped me see some patterns in my life, gave me language & images to further my spiritual & personal development. her positive, deep energy was a joy to experience as well! looking forward to my next reading.

I'm so excited for this year because of your reading. I feel like I've been placed on the right path & (finally) given instructions (that I understand lol) for the first time in a long time! thank you so much for this. 

if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, & vibration.

nikola tesla

science & truth are simple phenomenon of nature, but it is the known that is preventing us from mastering the unknown.

chandrakanth natekar

a conjure woman's guide to life...

10 rules for a better 2019

10 rules for a better 2019

if you have been struggling to make progress, feeling stuck, feeling frustrated with yourself for not doing more, here are 10 rules that can reignite the fire in you. get the keys to discipline, commitment, and action.
operate on divine timing

operate on divine timing

the unification of the active and intuitive principles is taking place. live and work from the heart space, overcome fear, and operate on divine timing as you work towards your goals.
for millennials who feel boxed in

for millennials who feel boxed in

as a generation, millennials are dealing with unfortunate external circumstances. however, you have an extraordinary capacity to transform society and yourself. your deep sense of hurt is the source of your power.

truth is one; the wise call it by many names.

hindu scripture from the rig veda 

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