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from the light & the shadows of everything that makes you who you are there exists an endless source of potential. for healing. for alignment. & for self-mastery. this is for the still small voice that never leads you wrong. cultivate it until it is the loudest part of you. keep going. don’t stop. keep growing. turn your infinite potential into the manifestation & ultimate alignment that happens once you start to listen. thank you for visiting. 

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2020: the year of divine destiny

a gift from me to you

even with the global crisis we are facing, our ancestors & the Universe still has a plan for us. it is important that we turn inward & fortify our spirits through inner work. 2020 is a major year for productivity & forward movement based on the numerology of the number 4 [ 2+0+2+0 ]. this is a year of alignment. period! themes include: structure, discipline, momentum & the dreamscape. time to take all that clarity from 2019 & make it beautiful. every relationship requires a level of commitment, so what have you done for the one between you & your future in the year of divine destiny?

if you find yourself struggling with anxiety or depression & can’t seem to balance yourself emotionally, I am offering you 35% discount of everything: one-on-one consultation, coaching session, personal energy forecast plus tarot & oracle readings. 

self-care, mental health & psycho-spiritual healing is a necessary focus over these next few months. what we see as a crisis, Spirit sees as an opportunity for rapid growth.

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if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, & vibration.

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truth is one; the wise call it by many names.

hindu scripture from the rig veda 

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be brave. be free from philosophies, prophets, & holy lies. go deep into your feelings & explore the mystery of your body, mind & soul. you will find the truth.

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science & truth are simple phenomenon of nature, but it is the known that is preventing us from mastering the unknown.

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