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2020 year ahead

divine destiny

themes: the dreamscape, alternate realities, portals, structure, inner resourcefulness, determination, clarity, spiritual success

with this card you are given an overview of what energy is available to you. through the process of ascension, that spans lifetimes, you go through specific periods of learning & growth, this card provides a clue as to which part of the process you currently occupy. 

the dreamscape, alternate realities, portals, structure, inner resourcefulness, determination, clarity, spiritual success

spiritual work of the higher initiate

as you move from 2019’s theme of soul revival into 2020’s theme of divine destiny you are called first to look around at all the gifts that have become apparent to you over the past year [ & decade ]. it is time to take in the sheer magic of YOU! the true glory & power that lies within. all of your gifts may not seem like they have a purpose to you, because they may not only be yours. the story of your divine destiny is an individual experience happening within the greater context of your ancestral lineage & your community. 2020 will require a deeper journey into the intuition & genetic memory. into alternate realties. into portals. into the places that give you a vision, a belief in a new ending to your story. you must feel it before it becomes. your path is laid out before you with contingencies for human fallacy. the healing taking place within can overcome it all. your divine destiny is locked within the trillions of cells that roam your body & the dreamscape is the only key. [ full forecast on patreon; link below ]

quarterly themes

  1. winter | shine: "it is time to shine"
    balance; expanded awareness; compassion; acceptance 
  2. spring | flexibility: "ebb & flow"
    sexuality; ancient wisdom; Mother Earth; relationship healing
  3. summer | peace: "master inner peace" 
    relationship healing; courage; communication; inner child
  4. autumn | manifestation: "expanding higher"
    inner child; new beginnings; meditation; protection



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