for millennials who feel boxed in

Feelings of helplessness are common within the expanse of the human experience. I for one am sometimes moved to tears in the face of overwhelming frustration and disappointment. Any expression of emotion, especially such powerful ones deserve our time and attention. If you are feeling stuck or like you are making great effort in vain, your energy is not well spent. And you know that. We can always feel ourselves pulling or pushing to hard to shift a situation from what it is to what we want it to be. It won’t happen that way. It will never happen that way. It is a sign of immaturity and ill-preparedness to ignore the reality you face as you hope and pray for something new; which we always equate with something better, but what is to say that new situation won’t degenerate into the same circumstances you currently face? Every situation is a stepping stone. Stop trying to skip the ones you don’t like! You are being mentally fortified and prepared for greater and greater tasks and responsibilities. When the Universe send us these challenges, like me, I imagine that you cause yourself added grief feeling miserable instead of stepping up to the plate and showing the Universe that you are capable and ready. You need to slow down and figure out how to stop this proliferation of negative energy that is blocking you from moving into a new space mentally and physically. 

As millennials (born November 1983 to November 1995), we are almost guaranteed to be stuck in uncomfortable situations due to external factors that we have little to no control over. These factors are likely more difficult for millennials of color and other over-exploited communities. Many of us are living in less than desirable conditions, feeling like we lack independence or control over our lives—hell maybe even over our own destiny. The power to take back that control is not external. You won’t find it on social media or hanging with your friends. It will come from periods intense of isolation, dedication, discipline, radical self-care, deep self-awareness, and most importantly self-love. You must conjure up every ounce of personal power within yourself to get back on the right path, energetically.  

Millennials, like generations before us, are tasked with pushing for progress. And with the external factors we face, it often feels like an insurmountable challenge. When considering astrology, we as a generation feel a deep sense of loss, abandonment, and betrayal. Yet, one of the most notable characteristics of our generation is the incredible transformative power we hold for society, our families, and ourselves. This power must not only be exerted on the external, but in an awakening of the internal as well. We cannot force change from the outside in, but we can exert considerable power from the inside out. 


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