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the chakras explained: imbalances

imbalances in the chakra system manifest in ones spiritual life & physical body. restoration & healing must address this complexity.

root [ red ] — safety, family, foundation

imbalance: lower back pain, constipation or diarrhea, knee pain, gout, rage and anger, fear, egocentricity, spinal cord dysfunction, lethargy, exhaustion, addictive personality, not grounded, financial difficulties

sacral [ orange ] — sexual & creative energy

    imbalance: lack of sexual desire or passion, sterility, infertility, jealousy, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, miscarriages, sexual addiction, sexual diseases, creative blocks

    solar plexus [ yellow ] — personal power

      imbalance: need for excessive control and power, fears, stomach ailments, anger, nightmares, aggressive behavior, ulcers, feelings of victimization, lack of self confidence, bulimia, obesity, anorexia, isolationism, indigestion, feeling overwhelmed

      heart [ green ] — truth & purpose

        imbalance: poor circulation, angina, high blood pressure, self hatred, asthma, lack of independence, acting naïve, suffocating others in loving and giving, lack of compassion, intolerance, weak immune system, lack of joy

        throat [ blue ] — self-expression

          imbalance: sore throat, laryngitis, fear of public speaking, too talkative or too shy, the need to be an expert, inability to tell the truth, inability to speak one’s opinion, thyroid disease, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of creativity, nightmares

          third-eye [ purple ] — vision, enlightenment

            imbalance: spacey, too logical or too abstract, too many thoughts at once, migraines, forgetfulness, inability to remember dreams, inability to meditate, visualize or connect with inner guidance on the higher levels, poor eyesight, tension, inability to concentrate or stay focused

            crown [ white ] — Divine connection

              imbalance: inability to connect to physical world, confusion, headaches, hallucinations, mental illness, worry, dominant ego

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