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creole religions & healing work

Ancestral veneration and root work has a long history in regions of Africa. Cultural and religious systems which remain with the descendants of enslaved peoples dispersed throughout the Atlantic World as a result of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, demonstrate the connection to a West-African heritage. During slavery, Black communities used these religious traditions to survive, transform, and resist colonialism and plantation life.

creole religions

The idea of a conjure woman, like Vodou, Obeah, Black Magic, Hoodoo, Santeria, Myalism, and Rastafarianism incite all kinds of fear in people. However, these religions of the African Diaspora, much like the traditions of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples across the world, are a way to preserve the soul and spirit. reconnect with God and the ancestors, returning to a state of oneness with nature.

It is obvious to anyone that studies the history and context of these religions that they were reformulated as a means to resist slavery and therefore became a target of colonizers and enslavers, who sought to disempower peoples of African descent. Despite this, Black spiritualists have maintained these practices and many are returning to these traditions despite the propaganda and negative perceptions that shroud these religious systems.

healing work

I pride myself on working with all people, especially those from a variety of marginalized populations. My healing work includes but is not limited to oracle and tarot readings, aura cleanses, cleanses, crystals, and consultations. Energy healing has proven benefits to those who are open to its power. A 2013 study found that 10 minutes of energy healing is just as effective as physical therapy (Engel, 2014). Benefits include but are not limited to: natural pain relief or reduction, managing stress, improved immune health, balance of energy, grounding and emotional release and healing (Hausauer 2017).

tarot & oracle card readings

Tarot cards are utilized by life coaches, spiritual teachers and healers, diviners, seers, and ordinary people from all walks of life. It has been a revelatory tool for mental and spiritual expansion in my personal life. the discovery of this gift came at a time when I was in desperate need of the truth. Not beauty. Not falsities. But unabashed truth about who I was and how I was inviting destruction in my life. Most importantly, the truth about who I had the potential to be once I began to embody my power.

Tarot readings provide a level of clarity that only--depending on your belief system--God, your guardian angels, and/or your ancestors are able to provide, as they do not want to see you led astray.

aura cleanse

The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that extends from within the seven chakras (energy centers located throughout the body) to several feet beyond the body forming an egg-shaped bubble that covers you on all sides.

Aura cleanses provides strong protection for the body and the mind, as it expels all old, stale, expired energies from within the field, yet allows pleasant or invited energies to permeate it. You can choose a color or one can be suggested for the protective field that will surround you depending on your current needs, for example, green is healing, bright blue is purifying, and a soft rose gold can aid spiritual work. It will be useful for you to experiment with colors in meditation and practice calling up your protective field in moments of need.


Contributor: Charlena M. Wynn

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