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operate on divine timing

the active principle has been in a rut. feeling stuck. feeling hopeless. experiencing extreme sadness & depressive episodes. significant challenges have been posed to your ability to push forward.

as you heal, you experience the unification between the active & intuitive principles. in biology, balance in the body is referred to as homeostasis. I love that term, because it refers to a system whereby the body, for example, maintains the optimal body temperature. if it gets too cold, you shiver to heat the body up & if you get too hot, you sweat to cool the body down. in a similar manner, the unification of these two principles will throw us off balance at first, but intuitively you will return to a state of homeostasis when you define how you want your life to feel. make sure you operate like your body, by simply listening to it. know when to rest and when to work.

remember it’s not about time, but about divine timing which operates above everything else. there’s no rush. balance is necessary for you to operate on divine timing. when you act & believe from the heart, it gives you permission to live through your highest-self. within the heart, there’s a truth that can operate beyond fear & that is your path to freedom.

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the shadow deals with limiting subconscious beliefs, which manifest as self-sabotaging behavior. this four-card spread takes you on a journey from the shadow to a place of integration. to heal the shadow, you must acknowledge the root cause of these beliefs and begin to change them. as you heal, you ascend. you find a place of comfort that you can make sense of the process and what you need to do to fully learn the lesson, so you can stop repeating the same cycles with the same type of people and the same type of situations. integration is the final step. if you are able to show gratitude for the lesson and those involved in teaching, then you can integrate, let go, and move forward.

machetes: Intellect, thought, justice, reason, truth, and ethical. As a representation of a cloudless sky, this suit represents mental clarity. to disregard the message within can lead to disharmony and unhappiness. to bring about the greatest good in your life, infuse your intellect with wisdom, not ego.

shadow | king of machetes: firm but fair
cynicism, coldness, ambiguity
being smart is not about knowing the right answer. It is about asking the smart question. Balance your intellectual orientation with emotional understanding. Mistakes are part of the game we call life.
healing | high priestess: secrets revealed
intuition, higher powers, mystery, rest, subconscious mind, wisdom, patience, love, imagination, gentleness, inner balance, luck
trust your intuition. find how to gain access to the unconscious. discover and use the hidden female strength inside you. your dreams and your ancestors will show you the right way. in this time, you may find yourself struggling to maintain your hold on life. escapism, fear, doubt, emotional instability, egoism, & superficiality become prominent.
ascension | the lovers: heart’s decision
heart chakra, living your truth, love in all manifestations, union, harmony, relationships, value, alignment, devotion, decision, choices, transformation, dependencies dissolving
each decision for something is in vitally a decision against something else. To gain one possibility, you have to let go of another option. the more you accept yourself with your strengths & weaknesses, the more lovable you become. be responsible for yourself, choose between pleasure & duty & decide each day how you would like to feel. you will find a struggle in maintaining your balance & values. hate, jealousy, doubts, divorce & unfaithfulness may arise.
integration | 9 of machetes: unfounded fears & nightmares
root chakra, facing up to facts, transformation, realizing truth
times of great sorrow have the potential to be time of great transformation. when you face your fears head on the reality is never as bad as imagined. look for ways to ground yourself through feelings of emotional pain & despair. anxiety & an overactive mind will characterize this time, as well as loneliness & feeling like no one can help you.


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