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march|aries season energy forecast

psychic protection, love offering, emotional|divine intelligence, heart chakra, wisdom of knowing and doing better  he dreamscape, alternate realities, portals, structure, inner resourcefulness, determination, clarity, spiritual success, healed by divine light, transform old wounds, dissolve deep trauma in the body, enhanced feelings of passion, sensuality & creativity, recognize & transform sources of inexplicable fear & anxiety, give yourself permission to shine your light, the subconscious mind

the brother in darkness

[ pictured below: isis oracle deck x alana fairchild | cover photo: adinkra ancestral guidance cards x simone bresi-ando ]

themes: feminine power, negative energy, heart-centered, compassion, shadow work, self-reflection & integration

with this card you are given an overview of what energy is available to you. through the process of ascension, that spans lifetimes, you go through specific periods of learning & growth, this card provides a clue as to which part of the process you currently occupy.  [ full forecast available for $11 on patreon. find the link below. ]

“overcoming negative energy with feminine power”

mantra: I am deliberate and afraid of nothing. [ audre lorde ]

crystal healing: pyrite, rose quartz, black tourmaline, black obsidian, malachite

the deeper initiation during 2020 encourages us to accept that which is reflected in the cohesiveness of masculine and feminine energies. love yourself into dissolution so that you may arise this aries season a being with light and shadow fully merged and inseperable. let your intellect be your intuition and your intuition your intellect. as you think, plan & act from the heart anxieties are quelled. trust the Universe to lead you into and out of the darkness within your soul. when you see your own reflection in the mirror do not fear. you carry generations of traumatic and karmic baggage within your genetic material. it is your divine duty to face and transmute the pain. you were chosen for this task. you carry the pain because within it exists unimaginable power. you are the alchemist. the magician. the conjurer. dig deeper. beyond the pain to your wholeness and bring it forth. 

if you do not slow down to reflect and appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made and the journey you’ve taken you will only experience your healing in hindsight. don’t push through the pain just to find some semblance of joy, bring light into the aches. that is love. that is compassion. for self. let the words of Audre Lorde lead you in this season of resurgence: “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.”



2020 quarterly themes

[ the healing oracle: crystal reading cards x rachelle charman ]
  1. winter | shine: "it is time to shine"
    balance; expanded awareness; compassion; acceptance 
  2. spring | flexibility: "ebb & flow"
    sexuality; ancient wisdom; Mother Earth; relationship healing
  3. summer | peace: "master inner peace" 
    relationship healing; courage; communication; inner child
  4. autumn | manifestation: "expanding higher"
    inner child; new beginnings; meditation; protection


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