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my journey & my work

since my teen years I’ve felt drawn to spirituality outside of a strictly religious context. I feel blessed to share this gift and my passion for healing with all those who are ready to do the work. the path is not an easy one, but the rewards supersede the effort.

when I realized I had a gift for tarot reading, I utilized them first in my personal life and they provided a path to healing for me. I share this gift, because it has been of such great value and significance in my life. at one point, I believed tarot cards were evil and something to fear, but I realized that for healing to commence we must be open to truth in any & all ways we can receive it. 


I began sharing tarot readings and moon rituals with my friends and family a couple of years ago. I had no plans beyond that. but soon after, I fell to my lowest point. I felt lost. I lacked the passion that blazed in me before. I had no clue where to turn. a chance reading with cards I gifted to friend in march 2017 gave me the answers that led me to this point.

the synchronicity of it all was incredibly. it is quite awe-inspiring to reflect on that time. in two follow up readings, I was implored to focus and create the path I wanted to walk. for months, I struggled with debilitating indecisiveness. I wanted to be like everyone else, I wanted my path to exist, but it didn’t. so I had to create it.

in the first of the two readings the 'oracle cards' card appeared, which meant: “you are able to discern answers and guidance for yourself and others.” then, in the second of the two readings the 'make a decision' card appeared. I didn’t think the Universe was going to speak any louder or be any clearer. within a couple weeks I opened the roses&concrete online store & offered healing services to clients, including intuitive readings, auric cleanses & sold crystals, sage & other spiritual necessities.

healing methodologies & teaching

my hope is to continue expanding my business, in order to offer short & long-term direction, while aiding my clients through their process of developing & sustaining spiritual growth. with this space, I hope to continue sharing a wealth of information about rituals, balancing the chakra system, channelling energies & archetypes. As we delve deeper into the healing of the Divine. I will elaborate on magic as it relates to sexual & creative energy. as well as, the development of a spiritual practice, not only as an ascension, but as a return or alignment with the truest self.

my methodology combines scholarly frameworks, cultural expressions & spiritual doctrines submerged in an unmistakable Blackness. reflecting belief systems of Indigenous, African & Diasporan cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean, & the United States. I utilize meditation, crystals, numerology, natal charts, moon rituals, & tarot cards to help guide clients towards the path of personal responsibility, clarity, self-awareness & healing.

shadow work

due to a variety of personal, social & historical factors, we often become overly attached to our traumas & the unhealthy behaviors they caused. some of us have become fearful of success & we doubt our abilities. many people have a fear of success that manifests as procrastination or perfectionism or self-sabotage. but, however you define success you won’t find it until you do healing work & address your traumas. they are literally standing between you & the life you want. in this space, we will address emotional blockages, detrimental patterns, generational traumas, harmful familial cycles & negative self-talk among a number of other issues that inhibit success, joy, healing & fulfillment.

as a healer, I encourage you to use truth & accountability to incite passion, create vision & invite healing, allowing you shed shame & guilt as you embrace & integrate your shadow. many healers utilize light work, but I believe shadow work to be the key that unlocks the door to thriving.

personalized readings will allow you to continuously work on revealing, getting to know & understanding your shadow. this is the most powerful force that exists within you & integration is vital. sometimes—I say more often than not—we need shadow energy to help us accomplish what we want. this is not to say light is good & shadow is bad. I also hope to encourage you to do away with this type of binary thinking. look instead for purpose & power. what have you been able to accomplish by attempting to hide the shadow & swallow the pain?

the divine union

this space is open to genderqueer/non-binary peoples, women & men. my healing methodology is specifically tailored for marginalized populations, however I welcome anyone who is accepting of this purpose. I believe societal injustices force us into a mode of survival that causes us to suppress our emotions & vulnerability. we then fall out of alignment with our purpose.

for this reason, I decided to use this space to heal the lunar energy within or the subconscious. this is the internal energy that guides us. it is intuition. stillness. creativity. love. nature. it is the potential energy. the rock atop a high mountain that needs only a small amount of energy & to be acted upon in a way that allows it to move.

though we all have various skills and external visions they must all start within our minds and our hearts, so I hope to inspire you to heal & connect to this part of yourself. once our internal guidance begins to undergo transformation we easily align with our purpose. the solar energy within or the active principle is no longer unsure of its power. led by the intuition it can now be incited to action. the incorporation & melding of the masculine & feminine or solar & lunar leads us all, regardless or gender & gender expression, to a type of androgynous spiritual existence. having discipline & balance invites us to reach our full potential. allowing us to call upon & manipulate energies at will for the purpose of manifestation & transmutation in the expansion of self & spirit.

in closing, I hope to share a means for us to heal, reclaim our truest selves & edify our souls. my work centers marginalized groups using a unique methodology that I developed and utilized for my own spiritual development. I implore you as the Universe implored me, be open to hearing what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. your healing depends on it.

those who have benefitted from my work say:
“She has helped me so much! Truly blessed to know her.”
“They inspired me to get back into my mediation and focus on my mental wellbeing.”
“Special, special, special thanks to you for helping me get started on my own journey. I am particularly grateful for Alecia whose personal readings have greatly helped me center myself and deepen my discernment.”
“I had my first tarot card reading with Alecia and I was blown away! The cards she pulled and the interpretations she provided helped me see some patterns in my life, gave me language and images to further my spiritual and personal development. Her positive, deep energy was a joy to experience as well! Looking forward to my next reading.”
“I'm so excited for this year because of your reading. I feel like I've been placed on the right path and (finally) given instructions (that I understand lol) for the first time in a long time!”


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