10 rules for a better 2019

One of the ways I manage to accomplish anything these days is by focusing on my to do list, practicing deliberate self-care, and actively remembering to slow down. In the past, full days were characterized by no morning routine, waking up and getting on social media, not eating, barely drinking enough water, declining physical health, and an inability to focus. Somehow I believed that was the epitome of efficiency. The work always got done and that was all that mattered. I discovered the root cause of this behavior stemmed from feeling like I was failing or that I was already so far behind. Why do we make an enemy of our bodies and act as if that defines success?

You deserve…let’s not even say deserve, your body literally cannot function without rest, neither can your mind. I remember my friend and I having this conversation after she graduated with her Masters and entered the work force. She had lived by a creed that always put happiness at the next level of major success. It was always close enough to keep her driven and far enough to make her feel like she’d never be happy. My advice: slow down. I asked her one day, “What are you running to?” It struck a deep chord within her, because when you note the cyclical nature of life, you will realize that you are running toward exactly what you are running from. You are trapped within a cycle that will bring you more of your past. Your ultimate resolution and ability to hop off that karmic wheel depends solely on whether or not you can live in your joy now, slow down, and take life as it comes.

Aim for spending the majority of your days in a state of peace. Allowing minor inconveniences and annoyances to throw you off balance causes major emotional and energetic shifts. These eventually lead to the body triggering stress responses when it is not necessary. You can become addicted to the feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked. It all shows a severe lack of discipline and there are tragic consequences for your health attached to your inability to cultivate joy, slow down, and take everyday as it comes. A tarot reader once told me, “It's not about what you’re doing, it’s about who you’re being.” This shifted my entire perspective. He was right. If you continue down this path of putting yourself last, there is no way you can have the life you want and enjoy it. You might get there by virtue of sheer hard work, but you'd certainly have a body that isn't functioning at its optimal level and you wouldn't know how to enjoy it because you never cultivated the ability.

The phrase work smart, not hard is going to become even more relevant in this era. If you commit to this as an ideological basis for how you labor, it leaves room for you to stay mindful of how you treat your body. Finding that balance is representative of Divine Union. The re-unification. The heightening of our ability to be creative and disciplined. The illusion of separation is dissolving and these energies come together allowing you access to the highest-self.


10 Rules

these 10 rules are the first step to getting on your feet, the right way. discipline first. intuition second. creativity third, here you will be able to flow between the active and intuitive principles as needed. choose one or two rules to start. and do it everyday. don't over do it. practice discipline. if you try to do everything at once, you will fail just as fast. take your time. commit for the long haul.

Rule #1: Keep it simple
Once you start to feel anxiety set in, you’re doing too much! Relax. Step away from your work for an hour or so and come back. Instead of focusing on three projects at a time, do one. Keeping it simple encourages a commitment to excellence.

Rule #2: It's not about time, but about timing
Time is a construct. You operate on divine timing.  

Rule #3: Let it go
Relationships, ways of being, and thinking that are outmoded. If you are to operate at your highest frequency you gotta let that old shit go, sis. Yes. It is that easy. I promise. Once you start to do it, you will feel sooooo good it will prompt you to continue. Just try!

Rule #4: Release fear
Fear is a low vibration that seeks to infect everything around it. It remains in the root chakra blocking your ability to have a stable foundation upon which to construct your dreams and make them a reality. 

Rule #5: Daily routine
You will not succeed without it. Period. Rebuilding my daily routine was a vital part of overcoming a depressive episode. This is probably the most important action you can take right now if you are in a rut with no clue how to get out. I place high importance on this step, so if you need help organizing your days and making sense out of how to integrate any of these rules into your life, I can help.

Rule #6: Ration social media usage
By now, we all know that social media usage is addictive. We literally have to retrain our brains to reward us for accomplishing daily goals and taking care of ourselves, not getting likes. 

Rule #7: Self-care 
Self-care will force you to slow down. Start from scratch, for a couple days make your only daily focus self-care. You have to teach yourself to make this a priority or you won’t. 

Rule #8: Ritual
Project positive energy into your daily routine. I like the word ritual because it seems to make the mundane, extraordinary. Cultivating joy means we find it in all the small things. 

Rule #9: Intermittent fasting
Fasting gives the body an opportunity to rest. Digestion diverts a lot of energy, especially dense foods like meat. 

Rule #10: Hydrate
You’re probably dehydrated right now. Water makes up a majority of your body. Every single cell, tissue, organ and all that makes your body function requires water. Likely, more that you give it. I use this equation to figure out my daily intake in ounces: divide your body weight by two. This will help with mental clarity and overall wellness. 


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