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 shadow themes: root chakra blockages, emotional volatility, self-destructive behaviors, impetuousness, relationship issues, lack of disciplined action, stagnant energy, overwhelmed mind, self-sabotage, restlessness, isolation



the king of wands & knight of cups. the king represents initiative while the knight represents movement. cups symbolize water & an exploration of emotions while wands depict fire & action. together they speak to blocked or stagnant energy, confusion & isolation. it is imperative that you address the root chakra blockages that may very well be the cause of this lack of forward movement & emotional flow in your life. get to the source for healing & transformation. 

you are aware of the mental & emotional pressure that has been triggered. but maybe you are unable to control or manage the feelings of volatility. the mind is dangerously susceptible & easily influenced at times like this, so it is necessary to know the difference between overwhelming your mind & being informed. anxiety & stress makes it impossible to make smart, sensible decisions. the compulsiveness, vigilance & feelings of repression are present as well. the source of your healing comes from your sense of personal power.


one of the themes this year is that the collective is dealing with its Divine destiny. this year speaks to the path of the warrior. you, the warrior, must demonstrate the ability to harness your power over your own mind. manage your emotions. develop healthy self-care & wellness practices. confront your emotions head on. do not shut down. or turn away from the shadows that are inevitably surfacing.

the lovely sade adu was a perfect choice to represent the empress. she seems to have such calm, peaceful energy. perfectly aligned with the empress who seeks to gently guide you back to your inner world. encouraging you to explore your own emotional currents & following them as they lead you to the things you are passionate about. self-care is fertile soil. do not give in to blockages or feelings of numbness. your creativity, passion, hobbies, kinship relationships & new connections will bring you much healing.  


"the moon does not fight. it attacks no one. it does not worry. it does not try to crush others. it keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. what other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? the moon is faithful to its nature & its power is never diminished." deng ming-dao, everyday tao: living with balance & harmony 


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