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the 12 signs in 2020: year of divine destiny

I wish you peace, love & centeredness as you deal with the emotional heaviness of the Covid-19 outbreak. please, make time every day to care for your mental, emotional & spiritual health. you will make it to the other side of this crisis. the care you take now will be the solid ground you stand on in a couple months. divine destiny requires the energy of the divine warrior. what we see as chaos the Universe calls change, healing & a place of growth. I am sending you so much love. I pray you stay safe & find healthy ways to self-soothe & self-care. 
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with love,

divine destiny

adinkra ancestral guidance cards, simone bresi-ando, the mayan oracle: a galactic language of light, Ariel spilsbury, michael briner, black angel cards, zenju earthlyn manuel, isis oracle deck, alana fairchild, tarot, oracle, conjure, magic, magick, bruja, celebration, friendship, healing, conception, achievement, moderation, patience, tolerance, adaptability, visionary, generous, decisive, evolutionary, fairness, clarity, karma, balance, celebration, hiatus, solid foundation, milestone, arrival, progress, diligence, dependability, new income, faithfulness, sacrifice, new perspective, serenity, flexibility, vindication, cunning, exoneration, affluence, fecundity, opulence, cultivation, generosity, new day, unfounded worries, hope, consolation, healing, realization of false promises, choices, dreams wishes, psychic visions, clarity, healer

[ 2020 oracle reading pictured above clockwise: adinkra ancestral guidance cards x simone bresi-ando, the mayan oracle: a galactic language of light x ariel spilsbury & michael briner, black angel cards x zenju earthlyn manuel, isis oracle deck x alana fairchild ]

themes: the dreamscape, alternate reality, portals, structure, inner resourcefulness, determination, clarity, spiritual success

with this reading you are given an overview of what energy is available to you in 2020. through the process of ascension, spanning lifetimes, you go through specific periods of learning & growth. this reading provides a clue as to which part of the process you currently occupy. 


"I am not afraid; I was born to do this."
oan of arc

2020 energy is in full effect with the arrival of the spring equinox on march 19th. this year requires a deeper journey into the intuition & genetic memory. into alternate realties. into portals. into the places that give you a vision, a belief in a new ending to your story. you must feel it before it becomes. your path is laid out before you with contingencies for human fallacy. the healing taking place within can overcome it all. your divine destiny is locked within the trillions of cells that roam your body & the dreamscape is the only key. [ full forecast on patreon; more info & link below ]


12 signs

adinkra ancestral guidance cards, simone bresi-ando, the mayan oracle: a galactic language of light, Ariel spilsbury, michael briner, black angel cards, zenju earthlyn manuel, isis oracle deck, alana fairchild, tarot, oracle, conjure, magic, magick, bruja, celebration, friendship, healing, conception, achievement, moderation, patience, tolerance, adaptability, visionary, generous, decisive, evolutionary, fairness, clarity, karma, balance, celebration, hiatus, solid foundation, milestone, arrival, progress, diligence, dependability, new income, faithfulness, sacrifice, new perspective, serenity, flexibility, vindication, cunning, exoneration, affluence, fecundity, opulence, cultivation, generosity, new day, unfounded worries, hope, consolation, healing, realization of false promises, choices, dreams wishes, psychic visions, clarity, healer

[ tarot reading: dust II onyx x courtney alexander | cover photo & photo above features collage art x se’mana thompson | visit site to see full color collages ]

spring themes: flexibility, "ebb & flow", sexuality, ancient wisdom, Mother Earth, relationship healing

read your sun, moon &|or rising sign to see which resonates the most. with this card, in the full context of the 2020 energy forecast, you receive clarity on possible struggles & outcomes. the ultimate goal of this year is spiritual success, so you are being tested & challenged to maneuver your way through this simulation with divine intelligence, wisdom & insight from the dreamscape. 

aries: 7 of gourds 

themes: realization of false promises, choices, dreams wishes, psychic visions, clarity

“take a day to heal from the lies you’ve told yourself
and the ones that have been told to you.”
maya angelou

aries, this is a time of clarity for you. turn away from the painful illusions that have kept you comfortable but locked in a cycle of confusion. 2020 offers you a new vision. a deeper one. if you can’t feel the vastness of your potential in your waking life use meditation & visualization techniques to burn away blockages & imagine the life you want for yourself. you have time. chaos will dissipate. where will you be when life returns to normal. I know the impetus to rush & push forwards, making major strides is strong, but you must take some time to imagine where it is you are going & what it will be like when you actually get there. the architect must visualize the plans before they are brought to fruition in this reality. in your dreamscape, visit the places where you feel clarity & the power to choose what’s best for yourself. what do you see behind each door & more importantly, which door do you choose?

taurus: 9 of blades 

themes: new day, unfounded worries, hope, consolation, healing

“east of the sun and west of the moon we’ll build a dream house so lovely near to the sun in a day, near to the moon at night we’ll live in a lovely way, dear.”
ella fitzgerald

taurus, 2020 brings the dawn of a new day & a much-needed sense of revitalization. the shadow position spells some deep worries & fears surfacing. some unfounded. some real. reflect on the emotional depths you had to wade through during pisces season. those feelings of depression, guilt & grief can reveal a greater purpose. it’s not possible to heal if you don’t know what’s wrong. allow 2020 to clear away those cobwebs. let your path be opened the only way possible: going through that shadow with an abiding sense of hope. every day is a new opportunity to hand your deepest fears & anxieties over to the Universe & to your ancestors. they are here for you in this time of confusion & uncertainty. remember, you can’t see what they can. continue along the path set for you knowing that this is all part of your divine destiny.  

gemini: suspension

themes: sacrifice, new perspective, serenity, flexibility

“death is not the greatest loss in life. the greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. never surrender.”
tupac shakur

gemini, the primary theme of the 2020 spring forecast is flexibility. the Universe is asking you to ponder your movements long enough to see them from a new purview. take time to consider how your thoughts are the vehicle you need to move you out of this position of suspension. do not surrender to the anxiety. reflect. understand it. self-reflection is a powerful exercise in 2020 where one of the major themes is the dreamscape. that is the ultimate space of flexibility. imagine operating in this simulation like the powerful being you are. from this position, suspended deep in meditation, you are manifesting in the astral. there you manipulate your own mind & create a new reality. all is mind. 2020 is your opportunity to see that & even learn how to find peace in the power of your mind. an investment is necessary, therefore a sacrifice is required.

cancer: suspension

themes: sacrifice, new perspective, serenity, flexibility

“I am the history of battery assault and limitless armies against whatever I want to do with my mind and my body and my soul.”
june jordan

cancer, your card was pulled in the shadow position, but suspension already speaks to immobility, reflection & deep consideration. you are being sent even deeper into that journey. do not enter this year with escapist tendencies, too self-focused or with guilt & denial in your energy field—whether through thought, word or deed. cleanse your mind. purify your thoughts. examine your actions. look deeply into the intent with which you move in 2020. lil’ wayne was definitely talking about you when he said, “real g’s move in silence like lasagna.” process, plan & move stealthily this year. everyone can’t go everywhere & know everything you’re doing this year. excavating the depths is more for realignment than release this year. you are a sniper. find your target & know you have one shot. you have time. prepare yourself mentally, emotionally & spiritually. 

leo: 5 of blades

themes: vindication, cunning, exoneration

“nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart; for his purity, by definition, is unassailable.”
james baldwin

leo, your time has come & gone around the wheel of fortune that is life. your actions & the actions of others mean some sort of vindication for you. there may be a strong sense of defeat or limitations felt this year. remember that this hit to your ego & self-esteem only seeks to strip you of illusions. what impact does someone talking down on you or not liking you truly have to do with your path. remember that this journey is bigger than pettiness. & your journey is bigger than them. in the year of divine destiny, I pray you do not concern yourself with small people & their small whisperings. power to overcome the hardships you will face this year through self-knowing. one hater or ten can’t stop your shine. move forward through ups & downs with the dignity of the lion. intuitively, I also see the chariot & the strength tarot cards for you this year, these cards both have lions on them. rely on yourself, angel. give to yourself. bless yourself. be satisfied through this theme of self-focus & freedom in 2020.  

virgo: mama coin

themes: affluence, fecundity, opulence, cultivation, generosity

 “your world is as big as you make it. I know for I used to abide in the narrowest nest in the corner, my wings pressing close to my side.”
georgia douglas johnson

virgo, this year your energy is captured by the laverne cox quote: “quality is my principle & qualified is my attitude.” you are the quiet observer, subtly influenced by your surroundings. your environment ranges from the state of your home, your friendships, your family to the workplace. you seek to bring the face of abundance into all these spaces, but the ways in which you are received, perceived & valued can make the difference between you being a lush, fertile oasis or an arid, hostile desert. for you, virgo, divine destiny & the heightening of spiritual awareness in 2020 is an invitation to stay in your highest vibration. remember, “charity begins at home.” with you. give & take is a perfect, harmonious balance that dictates the cycles of life on this plane. do not upset this balance by seeking to give beyond your capacity. & do not give to be valued. time in nature is emphasized. nourish your soul. reconnect with the natural flow. create peace for yourself. fill your cup. your time to give to others will come again. self-care is your m.o. for 2020. 

libra: young coin

themes: progress, diligence, dependability, new income, faithfulness

“you can’t sit around waiting for somebody else to say who you are. you need to write it and paint it and do it.”
faith ringgold

libra, the shadow of the young coin spells the need for some focused, diligence to restore a sense of balance to your life as your spirituality deepens in the year of divine destiny. take some time to self-reflect. from a place of neutrality view yourself & your actions. the blockages that you experience this year will likely be a result of your own stubbornness & fixed perspective. shake things up. ask for help. be vulnerable, dear libra. you run the very real risk of becoming “dull, stagnant, & lacking in inspiration or the will to live life fully. at worst…becoming careless, scattered, & complacent in life; resorting to dishonesty…” in your dealings with others. self-awareness & deep reflection can ensure the progress you truly deserve & are fully capable of shines through this year. there are so many beautiful opportunities available to you, some may even bring financial rewards. but in the words of lauryn hill, “how you gon win, when you ain’t right within?” search your motivations. purify your intentions. come with a clean heart when you venture into new terrains & broaden your horizon. blessings will follow. 

scorpio: 4 of staffs

themes: celebration, hiatus, solid foundation, milestone, arrival

“my hands, my feet, I throw my whole body to say all that is within me.”
mahalia jackson

scorpio, your experience of 2020’s purpose of divine destiny is cultivated through harmony, community & teamwork. take this time to celebrate the solid foundations you have created. as you climb, you may be at risk of forgetting how far you’ve come. emotional stability, financial responsibility, consistent self-care practices are all to be celebrated. step away from the pain of looking at how far you are away from where you want to be & look back at how far you’ve come. a simple shift in perspective will offer you a new depth & appreciation for where you are going. it may even offer new creative solutions to the issues that are looming. offer these worries up as a sacrifice to your benevolent ancestors & guides. dear angel, step fully into your experience. know that every step you take was laid out for you & it all works out for your highest good. you can’t lose your way anymore. give yourself a much-needed break to celebrate & to thank your ancestors. this card speaks blessings over all endeavors & relationships. relish in the beauty of your present abundance.

sagittarius: justice

themes: fairness, clarity, karma, balance 

“my presence speaks volumes before I say a word.”
mos def

sag, there’s a plan for karmic balance & cosmic realignment for you in 2020, the year of divine destiny. the truth will be revealed as you face the consequences of your every thought, word & action. this cosmic realignment isn’t punishment just the Universe doing its due diligence for us all so that we may continue to learn & grow. heal from our mistakes. see ourselves in each other. take more deliberate & considerate action when others are involved. ultimately, divine destiny deals with having a deep understanding of your purpose. life seems to hurt more the further away you are from that divine place. sometimes the process to move you closer hurts even more, but cosmic alignment must happen. the Universe seeks to guide you to a space of peace & a state of equilibrium that you will have to maintain. the path itself & the place you journey to becomes brighter & the pull a little stronger. 

capricorn: papa staff

themes: visionary, generous, decisive, evolutionary 

“a boat, even a wrecked and wretched boat still
has all the possibilities of moving.”
dionne brand

cap, in the shadow, papa staff spells difficulty for you if you do not realign. this is not the time for stubborn behavior. papa staff is tireless in the pursuit of his desires & like primordial fire his energy is raw, powerful & extremely volatile. if you are not careful that beautiful spark can become an encroaching disaster. in your balanced state, 2020 can bring you closer to family & community, but if do not take significant measures you will burn bright & haze everything around you, leaving the ground barren. rely on your support system this year & channel all that energy into something constructive. give thought to what you believe is your divine destiny & ask those around you to be a guiding light. do not let things fester. release old ways of thinking & being. allow them to be purged as you enter 2020 with your eyes locked on the divine gift of yours that will bring you & others joy.

aquarius: temptation

themes: moderation, patience, tolerance, adaptability 

“perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people – the beauty within themselves.”
langston hughes

aquarius, you are inclined to leave the indulgences of your past behind this year. or maybe make some effort towards change. your old ways no longer serve you in the ways you hoped they would. the limits you face are illusions. cleanse your heart of the temptation to give up, to fall into destructive habits, to feed your addictions to the things that once satiated your flesh. you seek peace you may have never known before. in the year of divine destiny, you seek to conjure a new level of healing, love & restoration but before that must come the death of all that holds you back. this death is happening in the heart. it is a powerful form of shadow work & inner child healing that must be tackled head-on. in that death, remember there is also merging. do not do away with the old self. fuse the light with dark & the dark with the light. the insight & this level of clarity is oftentimes unbearable, but this is part of the human experience. one by one we must all realize we are free to experience more. this year think moderation, fun, pleasure, joy & ease.

pisces: 3 of gourds

themes: celebration, friendship, healing, conception, achievement

“you have the power to define yourself — remember that power; take that control. it’s like a superpower, really, to be whom you want to be, to do what you want to do, to fly where you want to fly. your life will get more complicated but think of it as a great adventure, every damn day. you’re going to have fun.”
randall kenan

pisces, prepare your cups to be filled & overflowing. not just in financial abundance but in emotional stability, warmth, love, comfort & healing. as you are blessed remember that you are also tasked to bless yourself first, second & third. giving away all the blessings meant for you is not honorable. in the year of divine destiny, I implore you to give of your excess not your need. pour our unconditional love on yourself first. to be able to celebrate in community with a clean & pure heart you must feel secure, sweet pisces. you must feel loved & supported. let your desire to give be full of light because you took care of yourself first. no one is coming to save you. but you are more than capable. take a real assessment of your needs so you will know what you have to share when it comes time to be in community & to celebrate as a collective. give from love, not the need to be loved. 




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