the impact of the inner child: creation & deconstruction

the ultimate purpose of creation 

the idea behind shadow work is that you have to start at the root. if you don’t kill the root whatever you’re trying to get rid of can easily grow again. there is a beautiful sense of finality when you do shadow work & get to the depths of the recurring issues you’re facing. during spring, the collective will be dealing primarily with ancient wisdom & sexuality. ancient spiritual traditions say that there is no difference between the expression of sacral chakra energy as procreative in making another human being or creative in making a piece of artwork as an expression of the self & the soul. each generation much heal the previous generation & each work of art must heal those it touches, especially its creator. creation is an act of getting to the root.

a time of war for peace

one of the themes this year is that the collective is dealing with its Divine destiny. Divine destiny is about the path of the warrior & the thing about a true warrior is that they know when to surrender & went to fight. however, the collective hasn’t come to accept the reality that it is necessary to go to war for joy. there are so many different situations that people are facing right now & it will absolutely be a fight to hold on to joy & hold on to light. to hold on to anything remotely healing & full of love. the warrior within has to admit that you have to be ready. understanding that somethings are absolutely worth the sacrifice & that somethings are not supposed to come easy. in the end, it all comes down to what you really believe. as the collective wrestles against subconscious programming & the beliefs that have been embedded in the mind against their will. energetically. emotionally. spiritually.

as structures fall, Mother Earth rises

all of those cards that came up in the spring reading are so deeply intertwined. not just the idea of healing Mother Earth & the collectives relationship to nature but also the relationship to “the mother” & to the Divine feminine. to the lunar. to the subconscious. this healing has to happen because as these changes happen it is a testament to the fact that lies and what is false must crumble. false structures. these realities seemed indestructible because they have stood for centuries. often, the collective believes that what they have inherited is normal. believing that because you came here & saw it this way. your parents lived through it being this way. your grandparents lived through it this way then this is just the way it is. slowly you come to realize that’s not true. it might very well be the symptom of having to live in this false reality. if the collective agrees on something it becomes reality or what is actually an agreed upon projection of the traumatized, collective unconscious.

over-indulging in thought

as you retreat deeper & deeper into the subconscious you find that the individual with their many selves is tethered to familial unconscious & the collective unconscious. all of them intertwined & intermingling. it’s hard to even know where to start when healing. for many within the collective, it becomes easier to perceive the world through the senses. but this easily becomes an indulgence & an abuse of the soul. particularly the way western cultures have deified thought. the ancestors regarded thought as just another sense. one more way to understand the world, but did not give thought the same power as their inner knowing & genetic ancient wisdom. in this time, it is dangerous to align ones self with ones thoughts or believe that you are your thoughts. thought as a sense, if heavily relied on, perceives this fight of the Divine warrior as an external fight. many think this is a fight with society, parents, siblings & other family members or the collective. this is not a fight that is to be projected out. this is an internal fight. so much so, that what is happening externally will have considerable internal implications. what is trying to deconstruct itself & crumble from within the personal, the familial, the collective?

identity construction in a false reality

as the collective witnesses society fall apart in many ways & watches these structures that have stood for centuries begin to crumble, the Universe instructs you to turn inwards. consider what traumas & what facets of your own identity are beginning to crumble or need to. go into the places of ancient wisdom within that will begin to rise up as these illusions fall away, offering the collective a peak behind the veil. many of these structures were never real even the ones that your entire identity is based on but underneath you have something that’s actually real. nature. intuition. ancestral connection. the ability to heal yourself. the ability to feel balanced & whole. & to feel like you are one with the universe at all times. for you to understand this there has to be a separation between what is real & what is illusion. this is the role of chaos.

the inner child’s impact

now that a lot of people have more free time & they now have to decide what to do with themselves it becomes clear that many have no internal structures of discipline, joy or spiritual practice to rely on, which makes them more susceptible to mental & spiritual struggle. but this is a time to reconnect. harness the power of your mind for healing the inner child. try to reconnect with the part of yourself that was killed & not allowed to grow. with inner child healing you become the parent. you get to rewrite history. you get to nurture yourself. you get to nurture all of the things about yourself you were forced to deny just to survive. this is where your creativity comes in. create something tangible. do something for yourself. for your community. create something lasting & sustainable. this is about impact. what is yours? & who does it serve?

the pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.
eckhart tolle

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