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the truth in your heart

the eternal struggle between the mind and the heart is indicative of the human struggle between logic and intuition, fear and love. it is a struggle that causes us to falter in the pursuit of our happiness. the heart is the purifier. unlike the mind, the heart is not deceived by what the eyes can see. the illusions being fed to the eyes cannot exist in the heart. the eyes, in fact, crave being lied to and crave seeing things as we believe them to be rather than reality. so, tell me again how logic is superior when its thoughts and beliefs are gleaned from an organ that loves being lied to, misled, and becomes so distraught at the sight of truth that it often turns away.

when I began my spiritual journey—before I had any notions of opening a service based-healing business—I remember meditating with a glowing orb of green light surrounding me. I began going out into nature more. as I was feeding the truest part of myself the vision became clearer to me.

I was the one who actually gifted a set of tarot cards to the person who did a reading for me and told me that I would start this business. as we seek our truth, it seeks us.

living from the heart is the hardest, but most fruitful activity we can engage in as human beings. when doubt forms, the mind clings to and projects this fear farther than it needs to go. if we deal with the basic seven chakra system, we see that doubt, anxiety, and other fear-based emotions live in the three lower chakras—the root, sacral, and solar plexus.

the thing about being part of this grand illusion is that you can see some of the truth, but never enough of it to convince the mind that more than the illusion exists. for example, the heart is associated with love. on valentine’s day you can’t find a card without a big ol’ red heart on it. we made the connection, but we can’t make sense of the fact that only love and fear exists, so that to live outside of fear we must live inside of love. we must live inside the heart. we must live from the heart. we must live through the heart.

the heart is the balancing point of the chakra system. in it the three lower chakras and the three higher chakras meet. the heart burns out and eradicates all the illusions. it is for this reason that one cannot truly enter the heart space without having gone through and healed the three lower chakras. 


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