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general consultation
general consultation
general consultation

general consultation

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I help Black millennials & gen xers burnout proof their lives & businesses.

this consultation is best-suited for those who fit one or more of the following categories:

  • disabled
  • queer/nbn/gnc 
  • creative/digital creator
  • healing artist [ reiki master, tarot/oracle reader, diviner, life coach, etc. ]
  • professional interested in developing a personal brand via digital marketing

discussions about burnout are framed as if it is extreme exhaustion simply related to the body doing too much & being pushed too far. however, it is far more relative to the psycho-spiritual consequences of stress, trauma, being emotionally taxed & feeling unfulfilled. 

the average professional experiences burnout at age 32. those who belong to vulnerable populations are constantly dealing with the emotional fallout from contending with various -isms often experience burnout earlier & it lasts much longer.

so, the primary focus of this consultation is to move you away from all forms of self-sabotage, habits, practices, beliefs, cycles, thought patterns & other behaviors that will result in burnout. the goal is to provide a deeper understanding of your current emotional state with the intention of facilitating clarity & a path to resolution. 

to continue, whether personally or professionally, you have permission to create a life of ease, joy & peace. the other option wherein you are feeling burned out due to a lack of boundaries, feeling unappreciated & are just simply overwhelmed has far reaching consequences given the potentially long-term effects & neurological impact of prolonged stress on the body & mind. if you need support during recovery or when you realize that you need help making major changes in your life this consultation will offer viable solutions.

lastly, if you find that my solutions & strategies are useful our session will set the stage for a long-term coaching relationship.

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