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2020 [ collective energy forecast ]

2020 [ collective energy forecast ]

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2019 theme of soul retrieval suggested lost, fragmented & traumatized pieces of your soul began to ache, desperate to return home. as these lost pieces were revealed, the separation & silence between you was broached. it became clear to you that things could no longer remain as they were, you felt a desire to own your fullness again. in 2019, whether through reawakening the inner child, bursts of creativity or connecting with your community some form of divine inspiration became present in your life. in 2020, those seeds require structure, discipline & commitment to blossom & multiply.

2020 + winter + january | the full digital download is 20-pages & includes a cosmic calendar with new moons, full moons, retrogrades & eclipses. it also features a summary & reading for 2020, winter & january. plus, 3 questions to guide your 2020 intention setting, a reflection after each tarot & oracle reading to relate it to your personal life. yearly, quarterly & monthly forecasts are further broken down into a series of journal exercises intended to help you examine the major themes of this year. [ to receive them monthly see information about patreon below. ]


featured tarot & oracle decks:
    • isis oracle x alana fairchild
    • ghetto tarot x alice smeets & atis rezistans 
    • black angel cards x zenju earthlyn manuel
    • adinkra: ancestral guidance cards x simone bresi-ando
    • the healing oracle: crystal reading cards x rachelle charman
    • the mayan oracle: a galactic language of light x ariel spilsbury & michael brainier


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