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tarot & oracle card readings have been utilized by life coaches, spiritual teachers & healers, diviners, seers, & ordinary people from all walks of life. they are revelatory tools for mental & spiritual expansion.

the discovery of this gift came at a time when I was in desperate need of the truth. not beauty. not falsities. but unabashed truth about who I was & how I was inviting destruction in my life. most importantly, the truth about who I had the potential to be once I began to embody my power.

readings provide a level of clarity that only—depending on your belief system—God, your guardian angels, &|or your ancestors are able to provide as they do not want to see you led astray. they have provided a path to healing & joy for me. I share this gift, because it has been of such great value & significance in my life. at one point, I believed tarot cards were evil and something to fear, but I realized that for healing to commence we must be open to truth in any & all ways we can receive it. since then, they have been a saving grace.

in order to receive a free copy of the inner child healing guide & the yearly energy forecast join the mailing list.

inner child healing guide:

there are 26 journal exercises that will allow you to engage deeply with the following themes:

  • cultivating joy
  • root chakra healing
  • transmuting trauma
  • reviving the inner child 
  • mindfulness & presence
  • the impact of socialization 
  • the power of your thoughts
  • connecting with your intuition
  • understanding emotional triggers
  • the shadow & subconscious healing

yearly energy forecast:

  • digital download is 20-pages with overview, summary & divination for the year
  • including a cosmic calendar with new moons, full moons, retrogrades & eclipses


with this reading, you will gain clarity on your circumstances or challenges. this reading will allow me to understand core traits or experiences that have been the source of your troubles.

the cards will tell a story & provide clear instructions for you to address the core blockage enabling confusion. this destructive or unbalanced energy left unchecked can & will continue to wreak havoc in various parts of your life, including the psyche, emotional & physical body. 

each challenge present in your life is a reflection of your soul's journey & its purpose. when you overcome them you are healing yourself, your family & releasing energetic baggage that has blocked you from seeing your purpose clearly. every step you take & every effort made to heal will be rewarded with better inter-personal relationships, alignment, ascension & the feeling of joy & fulfillment.

we can address issues such as:

  • self-sabotage
  • chakra healing
  • inner child healing
  • emotional blockages
  • karma & karmic baggage
  • developing a daily routine
  • connecting with your ancestors
  • integrating your spiritual practice
  • overcoming procrastination & self sabotage


I offer life coaching sessions intended to help you take a deeper journey into unpacking your perspective, behavior, choices & patterns. when you are ready for change, getting to the root causes of what makes you who you are is a necessary first step.

it is vital to understand & offer compassion to yourself for the choices you made out of fear or ignorance. change starts with self-forgiveness.

through the process, I hope to be an ally, accountability partner & a reminder of how far you’ve come. your first session & any follow ups allow me to offer insight that will be useful to you years down the road.

my life coaching goals for you are:

  • to help you connect with your ancestors & guides
  • to encourage you to develop a grounded spiritual practice
  • for you to become deeply engaged with the cycles & realities of your life
  • to facilitate emotional & spiritual growth by helping you to see shortcomings & cycles of self-sabotage