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quarter ahead [ personal energy forecast ]

quarter ahead [ personal energy forecast ]

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each quarter or season comes with its own energy signature. as reflected in nature, the transition between seasons informs natural cycles of life & death, which is truly the organizing principle of any spiritual process. as the Earth journeys through this process, your alignment with the natural cycles of your home allows you to flow in sync with spiritual growth & decay. the year begins during spring in march not during winter & slight shifts in perception like that will allow your goals & intentions to reflect natural cycles in the same ways our ancestors did.

I utilize tarot & oracle cards in addition to intuitive abilities to understand & communicate the significance & possible challenges each season will pose to the collective. each season, I create energy forecasts that explain how the energies are interacting & affecting the collective on a grand scale. however, this reading is more personalized. while I do take the collective forecast into consideration, with this reading I am more focused on understanding the energies & the direct impact they’ll have on you & your life. 

this reading specifically addresses the healing that is taking place within the conscious & subconscious mind. human motivations & beliefs are found in the subconscious. 98% of what makes you who you are is in the subconscious. there you find the default programs that have been with you since childhood. those are the dramas you are playing out with the 2% of your conscious mind. it is vital that your healing process take the subconscious into account so your choices can reflect what you want for your future & NOT what you’ve experienced in the past. 


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