tarot & oracle readings

tarot & oracle card readings have been utilized by life coaches, spiritual teachers and healers, diviners, seers, and ordinary people from all walks of life. they are revelatory tools for mental and spiritual expansion. the discovery of this gift came at a time when I was in desperate need of the truth. not beauty. not falsities. but unabashed truth about who I was and how I was inviting destruction in my life. most importantly, the truth about who I had the potential to be once I began to embody my power.

readings provide a level of clarity that only--depending on your belief system--God, your guardian angels, and/or your ancestors are able to provide, as they do not want to see you led astray. they have provided a path to healing and joy for me. I share this gift, because it has been of such great value and significance in my life. at one point, I believed tarot cards were evil and something to fear, but I realized that for healing to commence we must be open to truth in any and all ways we can receive it. since then, they have been a saving grace.

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