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about me

as a Jamaican immigrant, lesbian|queer woman with a disability, my spirituality is mine & mine alone. there aren’t many places in the world I can see my reflection, be welcomed, find family, love & healing. out of my yearning, I was able to create a safe space for others. roses&concrete was born out of my personal desire to heal & restore myself. 

I have a bachelors degree in Africana Studies. I became interested in a number of fields that complemented my study of the African & Diasporan experience including: Sociology, History, Creole Religions, Psychology, Women’s & LGBTQ Studies & Queer Theory. having a deeper understanding of Black history & the complicated layers of social injustice present in our lives allowed me to see the power of African Traditional Religions & practices & why they had been so maligned & devalued.

storytelling & mythology are significant parts of our history. in my own healing & spiritual development, the conjure woman became a figure of prominence. as an amalgamation of Africa, the Caribbean, & the Americas I began to understand my purpose through this lens. choosing the title for myself, at once, signified my connection to & disconnection from my place of birth, the Diaspora, my history & roots. I knew so much, yet I knew nothing. I learned from Indigenous & African cultures & their unique spiritual practices. I pulled from my knowledge of history. I constructed this mythology knowing that through our various practices, beliefs & ideas we are all conjurers. what we conjure & how is an individual or group experience but we are creators, often making something great from nothing at all. 

I found language & came to understand the science of spirituality through Vodou & Vedic traditions. I found visual depictions through the creations of women like Ava Duvernay & Julie Dash. I discovered the expansiveness of magic through the lives & stories of women like Toni Morrison & Maya Angelou. each one of my marginalized identities came together to be greater than the sum total of each part. in my study of alchemy & through my experiences with chronic illness, I saw life as a continual transition between the shores of breath & dissolution. I am a multitude unto myself.

utilizing tools like tarot & astrology, ritual & ancestral veneration I’ve developed a methodology by which I can fulfill my purpose & promise to myself: self-mastery & service to my community. each of us have the ability to do many things, but the one thing we often forget to do is master ourselves. taking control of our lives requires that commitment to self-mastery. the challenges you face & who you are are lead you to your truth. I hope to inspire all who work with me or read my words to follow that path.