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A close friend purchased a consultation as a gift and it truly exceeded my expectations. This process started with Alecia sending me some diagnostic tests that would give her an insight on what emotional habits I would need improvement on and I learned SO much about myself when I received the results. Each test broke down traits that I knew I had but articulated why I do certain things in depth, what it could be connected to and what questions I can ask myself to navigate through my problems in a healthier and gentle manner. It also accurately predicted what emotions or situations that I find unpleasant and hindering, which opened my eyes to situations in my life where I need to take control, understand what I deserve and should not tolerate from not only other people but from my own mind and past ancestral trauma. I’m still new to my own spiritual and healing journey so I was not sure what to expect or even what questions I should ask Alecia to start. My doubts immediately diminished during our session. She was extremely warm, she listened to my concerns, and most importantly, she validated me when I felt like I was rambling or discrediting myself on whatever situation I was speaking about. I have such a hard time being open emotionally and acknowledging past trauma but she provided a safe space where I admitted certain emotions and events out loud when I usually just keep it inside of my mind. She helped me face the fact that as a black woman, I give more than I receive, which is what almost all of us are conditioned to thinking it’s normal. Imposter syndrome is so real and I’ll be eternally grateful for her reminding me that I am worthy of love and acceptance, even if I’m being vulnerable or “weak”. I’m excited to work with her long term and with her guidance, finally work my way through these emotional blocks, brick by brick, as she stated in our first session.
— stefanie b. [ @stefvnie ] 
prior to my session with Alecia I wasn't familiar with her work. one night, in the midst of me venting at my altar about wanting a reading but not lining up with a reader, she popped up in my mind. this was significant because I had only stumbled across her twitter once or twice some months back. I didn’t even remember her handle, just an image of her face from a video clip I’d watched. now, I struggle with doubting my intuition sometimes, but that night I listened. I got on twitter and started hopping feeds. I found her information and booked my session that night. this being my first ancestral reading I was anxious and unsure of what to expect. part of me came in expecting the Oda Mae Brown experience but what I got was much more subtle, no less impactful. I got to connect with a woman of divinely inspired yet grounded insight focused on bringing me back to myself and the power of my own permission and choice. I needed that. I felt comfortable and listened to. she took her time with me and graciously extended our session to ensure all that needed to be clarified, addressed, and shared was. she assigned a special post session task centered on my pleasure and gently set her expectation for follow up to keep me accountable on my end. she also provided a summary of our reading with additional resources for continued self-inquiry and reflection. Alecia is a THOROUGH one and her genuinely warm, generous spirit was a comfort. my only complaint is that I didn't use my recorder. I have notes but wish I had audio so I could spend more time with the wisdom shared in conversation. if you find yourself reading these words, consider this your confirmation to get on the schedule.
— takeema h.
I came across roses&concrete via an online tarot reading. What stood out was the energy that emitted from the reading. It was like an ancestral gravitational pull, which confirmed that my soul was saying yes. I've read tarot professionally for about four years, so I know a bit about that realm, but there was something special about Alecia's divining techniques. I was hesitant but I had to reach out. During my personal reading, Alecia confirmed what I knew but refused to admit. She was able to convey how critical it was for my purpose (writing), to assert personal boundaries and face other demons. She painted a clear picture and I was forced to see it - I was in my own way. Alecia followed up with a personalized summary of the reading, but she took it a step forward. She held me accountable, assigned reflective tasks and checked in. On top of her impeccable services, I started the first draft of my script a month later. I've used boundaries to strengthen my relationships with others, but most importantly with myself. I'm very thankful for the experience and wisdom!
— austen s.
special, special, special thanks to you for helping me get started on my own journey. I am particularly grateful for how your personal readings have greatly helped me center myself and deepen my discernment.
— se'mana t.