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I came across roses&concrete via an online tarot reading. What stood out was the energy that emitted from the reading. It was like an ancestral gravitational pull, which confirmed that my soul was saying yes. I've read tarot professionally for about four years, so I know a bit about that realm, but there was something special about Alecia's divining techniques. I was hesitant but I had to reach out. During my personal reading, Alecia confirmed what I knew but refused to admit. She was able to convey how critical it was for my purpose (writing), to assert personal boundaries and face other demons. She painted a clear picture and I was forced to see it - I was in my own way. Alecia followed up with a personalized summary of the reading, but she took it a step forward. She held me accountable, assigned reflective tasks and checked in. On top of her impeccable services, I started the first draft of my script a month later. I've used boundaries to strengthen my relationships with others, but most importantly with myself. I'm very thankful for the experience and wisdom!
austen s.

special, special, special thanks to you for helping me get started on my own journey. I am particularly grateful for how your personal readings have greatly helped me center myself & deepen my discernment.
se'mana t.

I had my first tarot card reading with alecia & I was blown away! the cards she pulled & the interpretations she provided helped me see some patterns in my life, gave me language & images to further my spiritual & personal development. her positive, deep energy was a joy to experience as well! looking forward to my next reading.
sue g.

I'm so excited for this year because of your reading. I feel like I've been placed on the right path & (finally) given instructions (that I understand lol) for the first time in a long time! thank you so much for this.
kim r.