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april: grounding & enlightenment
april: grounding & enlightenment
april: grounding & enlightenment
april: grounding & enlightenment
april: grounding & enlightenment
april: grounding & enlightenment
april: grounding & enlightenment

april: grounding & enlightenment

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ANAHITA lavender incense | two bundles of sage | holy wood | ritual instructions | free gift • CERES anahita & three crystals [ mahogany obsidian | girasol quartz | ruby zoisite ] | • ISHTAR ceres & ritual bath • KALI  ishtar & aura spray [ black tourmaline with clear quartz ] • HATHOR kali & tarot reading  
mahogany obsidian [ grounding | protection ] • girasol quartz [ calming | relaxation | balance ] • ruby zoisite [ stimulates psychic abilities ] • black tourmaline with clear quartz [ physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual grounding | protection ] • roses [ unconditional love ] • rosemary [ purification | consecration ] • lavender [ calming | healing ] • bergamot essential oil [ uplifting | money | success | balance ] • peppermint essential oil [ positive thinking |  purification | good luck ] • himalayan pink salt [ cleansing | purifying the physical & auric body of negativity ] epsom saltgrapeseed oil

who looks outside dreams,
who looks inside awakes.
dr. carl jung


is specially curated with items chosen for their ability to channel energies particular to the monthly lunar cycle. the #moonritualmanifestation enhances spiritual practice by flowing in accordance with the Universe. the internal guidance of the Divine Feminine awakens in the dark. as the light of the moon shines, leading you to your path. 

the month of april

with four planets in retrograde--mercury, jupiter, saturn, pluto--april is sure to be intense. while aries wants to push full speed ahead, these retrogrades make the experience more like trudging through sludge. persistence is key this month. aries "me first" energy won't be so successful without compromise. decide what old habits rule your life & what new innovations may better serve you. this scorpio new moon arrives just as mercury ends its retrograde. in dealing with old habits, old institutions also come to the forefront in the second half of april with the saturn & pluto retrogrades. whether in the form of issues with father figures or authority in general. when the sun enters taurus on the 19th, we can finally push forward with more ease & make a plan of action.  

I am rooted
but I flow.
virginia woolf

full & new moon rituals

with your #moonritualmanifestation you will receive a special ritual created to channel & honor the deities Kali, Hathor, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, & Bast. this month's lunar flow encourages you to focus your energy on creating & finding your balance. the ritual will promote feelings of clarity, grounding, & enlightenment. the crystals, ritual bath, & aura spray set the stage for you to embark on a journey to do the internal work april requires: building up self-confindence, welcoming change, becoming more self-reliant, & being open to new opportunities. work to tame your temper, emotional instability, & tendency to be overly self-focused or selfish. use your rituals to manifest both what you want to amplify in your life & what you want to release.

aries new moon | april 15 the new moon occurs when the moon is dark. this signals the beginning of the lunar cycle. this is a time to go within & work with the power of intention.
scorpio full moon | april 30 the fully illuminated moon is apparent in the sky during the full moon. a time of emotional intensity. here we deal with the ambiance of our inner world & the power of letting go. 

each #moonritualmanifestation is blessed with the purpose of helping you realize & align energetically with your highest good. depending on when your order is placed you will receive it in time to complete your new moon or full moon ritual. shipping is free on all orders.