extended personal consultation
extended personal consultation
extended personal consultation

extended personal consultation

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this consultation is based on the results of 5 online tests designed to provide a deeper understanding of chakra blockages, your current emotional state, your personality type & life-long challenges. these tests are used as diagnostic tools to help facilitate clarity &|or resolution for issues you are currently facing.

during our conversation, you will provide much-needed context so that I have a better understanding of your cycles & behavioral patterns. this way, I can offer salient advice & resources to enable you to end cycles of self-sabotage.  

growth starts with self-mastery. this consultation is designed to facilitate a deeper knowing of self. the session focus can be directed to a particular issue or it can be used for a general overview. 


life coaching is intended to help you take a deeper journey into unpacking your perspective, behavior, choices & patterns. when you are ready for change, getting to the root causes of what makes you who you are is a necessary first step.

it is vital to understand & offer compassion to yourself for the choices you made out of fear or ignorance. change starts with self-forgiveness.

there are 3 ways to program the subconscious which informs 95% or more of human behavior: symbolism, repetition & trauma. in many cases, all 3 work together to reinforce childhood narratives of lack, emotional neglect & other forms of abuse.

as a life coach, I am not equipped to unpack your trauma or treat mental illness. that is the job of a therapist. however, I am equipped to help you face & accept the realities of your life while exploring the small, incremental changes that will bring more emotional stability & wellness into your everyday life. as an adult, particularly as you prepare to enter your saturn return in your mid-20s, it is vital to ask yourself how your beliefs, narratives, actions & choices are influencing you  

I work with predominantly Black women, queer, trans & disabled people as well as BIPOC overall. there are many narratives operating in our world that feed messages of unworthiness to us daily. it is vital that you become aware of these efforts & actively work to release them from your psyche.

in doing so, you rewrite the script & give yourself permission to find freedom. liberation is first & foremost an act felt in the mind & inner world. 

through the process, I hope to be an ally, accountability partner & a reminder of how far you’ve come. your first session & any follow ups allow me to offer insight that will be useful to you years down the road.

service recommended for you if:

  • your birthday is coming up

  • you’ve been struggling for the past couple of years

  • you are currently in your saturn return [ approx. age 26-32 ]

  • you find yourself stuck repeating patterns or cycles you want to end

  • you are unsure of where to start with your healing & personal development

  • you need guidance on connecting with your ancestors

  • you are ready to develop a grounded spiritual practice

  • you want to learn radical acceptance & master your life by becoming deeply engaged with the lessons of your life
  • you seek emotional & spiritual growth through clarity on how childhood & parental wounds dictate cycles of self-sabotage in adulthood

  • you are ready to own the responsibility for healing & reparenting your inner child 

NOTE: after booking, you will receive an email [ check spam folder ] with a link to schedule your session, take the diagnostic tests & complete a short intake form.