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month ahead [ personal energy forecast ]

month ahead [ personal energy forecast ]

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2020 is a numerological 4-year, which means structure, discipline & consistency will facilitate your shine & growth.

as with each year, each astrological season [ overlap between months ] comes with its own energy signature. I utilize tarot & oracle cards, in addition, to other intuitive abilities to understand & communicate the significance & possible challenges each season will pose to the collective.

however, this reading is more personalized. while I do take the collective forecast into consideration, with this reading I am more focused on understanding these energies & the direct impact they’ll have on you & your life. the reading reveals possibilities for change & healing that the new season will bring you. with the reading & the recommended follow-up life coaching session, I am better able to offer clarity & guidance to help you set goals, intentions & a focus for the month that aligns you with the energies at play instead of against them. 

recommended for you if…

  • your birthday is this month or astrological season

  • you’ve felt confused for the past couple of weeks

  • you need concrete answers & directions to shift your energy

  • you consistently have a hard time during this month or astrological season

  • your sun, moon or rising sign falls during this astrological season

follow-up coaching sessions

I offer life coaching sessions intended to help you take a deeper journey into unpacking your perspective, behavior, choices & patterns. when you are ready for change, getting to the root causes of what makes you who you are is a necessary first step. it is vital to understand & hold compassion for the choices you made out of fear or ignorance. change starts with self-forgiveness. through the process, I hope to be an ally, accountability partner & a reminder of how far you’ve come. these sessions allow me to offer insight that will be useful for years down the road.

my life coaching goals are…

  • to encourage you to develop a grounded spiritual practice

  • to help you connect with your ancestors & guides

  • to facilitate emotional & spiritual growth by helping you to see shortcomings & cycles of self-sabotage

  • for you to become deeply engaged with the cycles & realities of your life 

scheduling your session: briefly tell me the reason you want this reading at checkout. allow up to 72 hours from purchase to receive an email to schedule the session [ check your spam folder ]. session will be completed via phone or video call [ download the zoom app ]. personal forecast readings & collective forecasts are available at a discounted rate along with a number of other unique rewards on patreon for orange calcite & amazonite tiers. more info below.

join patreon to receive the yearly, quarterly & monthly forecasts plus other exclusive blog & video content for $11.11! patreon allows me to offer specialized healing work for self-development & spiritual alignment. if you struggle to find balance in your life or need help with spiritual growth & the healing of trauma, patreon content is tailored to encourage the development of emotional intelligence & consistent management of your mental health. my intention is to provide the spiritual guidance necessary to help you set goals, focus on yourself, expand your intuition, heal & reconnect with your inner child, practice having a self-care routine, examine your life, track your progress & growth. one-on-one sessions with an accountability partner to encourage you will also help you jumpstart & maintain a new lifestyle.