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the conjurer as ancestral healing archetype eBook

the conjurer as ancestral healing archetype eBook

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the conjurer as ancestral healing archetype e-book is a simple introduction to guiding principles that you can easily implement in your daily spi{ritual} practice as you seek to attain a greater sense of self-mastery. These concepts encourage you to awaken the conjurer within for remembrance and alignment in order to step into your purpose. Whatever thriving looks like and feels like for you it begins with the simple choices that make up your daily life. Use these ideas to help you ground, stay connected and embrace embodiment. It is near impossible to live an aligned life without continued reliance on the ideas expressed within this e-book. If you don’t know where to start, start here and if you’re looking to improve focus on checklist [ page 9 ].

what to expect & special features:

  • information on my educational background and research interests
  • overview and background on my personal healing framework used in client work
  • quotes that influenced the development of my perspective and healing framework
  • 43 journal therapy prompts on the topic of: integration, wisdom, reflections of the divine & resilience & change
  • insight on my offerings and services for self-paced, group and one-on-one client work for business & self-mastery coaching
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