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mirror magic

mirror magic

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the chakra system is thought to be a system of energy centers related to the Divine. described as “spinning vortices of subtle energy through which the individual receives, transmits, & processes the universal life-force energy” (seidman, 2000).

from the earth star to the soul star chakra, imbalances in the mind, body, & Spirit result in imbalances in ones life. the chakras maybe over-performing or underperforming, so the goal here is to get them all aligned & balanced, working in tandem with one another. feelings of sluggishness, anxiety, low-self-esteem, disconnection from Source can all be found in the chakras, which also means the problems can be addressed & managed. this will not only be a reading, but a practical means for healing & realigning with your center. you will be provided with instructions on foods, meditative chants, yoga poses, & other activities that will boost your lowest performing chakra as building on a weak foundation is not recommended.

this is a 5 card reading that provides clarity on your current emotional state & blockages which are directly related to the chakra system. this reading will offer you the opportunity to see the truth about yourself, so that you can heal & improve. you also have the option of having healing crystals mailed to you after our reading [ free shipping ]. depending on where your particular issues arise, i will select crystals for you to use during meditation & other healing practices to eradicate weakness in your chakra system.

tarot & oracle card readings have been utilized by life coaches, spiritual teachers & healers, diviners, seers, & ordinary people from all walks of life. they are revelatory tools for mental & spiritual expansion. the discovery of this gift came at a time when I was in desperate need of the truth. not beauty. not falsities. but unabashed truth about who I was & how I was inviting destruction in my life. most importantly, the truth about who I had the potential to be once I began to embody my power.

readings provide a level of clarity that only--depending on your belief system--God, your guardian angels, &|or your ancestors are able to provide, as they do not want to see you led astray. they have provided a path to healing & joy for me. I share this gift, because it has been of such great value & significance in my life. at one point, I believed tarot cards were evil & something to fear, but I realized that for healing to commence we must be open to truth in any & all ways we can receive it. since then, they have been a saving grace.

after I receive the request for a reading I visualize which of my decks will be most useful & revelatory for you, the querent, depending on the current situation you are facing.

readings are done via skype, facetime, phone, or email. please provide your preferred method at checkout, along with your email address, & phone number.