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monthly energy forecast

monthly energy forecast

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the monthly energy forecast is part of my effort to encourage the development of a grounded, spiritual practice. to foster a deep spirit connection, I created this monthly energy forecast to enable you to channel the energetic shifts that occur each month into tangible results. your life is constantly influx & staying connected to these energies increases your capacity to heal. 

the energy forecast guide provides a tarot & oracle reading for the collective. it will provide a step-by-step process for healing & connecting with the full moon & new moon, as well. the guide is interactive, so you will interpret the reading & possibilities for your personal life alongside taking in my perspective. you will examine themes presented in the reading through journal exercises which encourage the exploration of symbology & mythology. my intention is to guide you through a process of self-development for emotional wellness, clarity & spiritual enlightenment.

in addition, the crystal kit will help facilitate healing work. the crystal chosen will focus on a particular chakra, the energy of the month, full moon, new moon &|or astrological season. the kit also features sage, holy wood & incense. 

I like to encourage deliberate & personalized healing work, so the final option includes a package with an energy & aura cleansing salt bath. it will be made with my favorite blend of herbs along with essential oils that will facilitate your healing, as specified by a free one card oracle reading.


energy forecast guide will be sent as a pdf via email. crystal kits will be sent by USPS within 72 hours of receipt of order. salt baths are made with a crystal-infused oil & charged with sun or new moon energy. this will take a couple days, as all baths are personalized & made to order. due to varying volume of orders, please allow up to an additional 72 hours for processing.