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moon ritual manifestation

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with the moon ritual manifestation reading & guide, my goal is to further personalize your reading with insight gathered from your astrological chart. with this perspective you will have a deeper understanding on how best to channel the energy while setting intentions &|or completing a ritual.

with the moon ritual manifestation you will receive a 2-6 page guide: 

  • explaining the energy of the moon & how to work with it
  • detailing the house the transiting moon will affect, the area of your life it will impact, & how
  • offering insight on how to do a full moon|new moon ritual with specific recommendations based on your oracle reading
  • including healing suggestions for the chakras & crystal that will help keep you balanced
  • outlining potential challenges & behaviors that keep you in your power
  • with 3 card tarot & oracle reading, affirmation & meditation questions

you will be contacted via email for chart information: full name, birth date, birth time, & birthplace. you will receive your reading via email.