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paradigm shift coaching

paradigm shift coaching

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program overview

As a life coach, expanding on your self-development work in a one-on-one session with starts with helping you think about what fulfillment means to you. There is no one definition and it is vital to your personal development and fulfillment that you get clear on your needs, your wants and your values because they are the core of your overall satisfaction with your life.

Burnout is a state of being that most people struggle to overcome because of the long recovery period and not knowing what caused it in the first place. If you understand the source of your dissatisfaction you are that much closer to a resolution or seeing the need for a complete shift in your perspective.

For many, the impact of existing within a racial/gender/sexuality-based caste system and childhood trauma from parental abuse and neglect forced you to become disembodied and unaware of how those external circumstances and realities have shaped how you view yourself. Eventually leading to a state of perpetual burnout because you are constantly people pleasing, accommodating, shrinking, hiding, settling, setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and others, prioritizing others, not knowing when or how to say no, feeling unappreciated, unseen and unheard. The most difficult of them all being the realization that after years of operating from your hurt you have no idea how to stop or how to set yourself on a new path where you are more disciplined, focused and committed to your healing.



help you bring awareness to patterns that no longer serve you as we develop a simple and highly effective plan of action. moving from a state of burnout to fulfillment requires the implementation of a spiritual practice including ritual and plant medicines that work together to heal and reintegrate the body-mind-soul complex.

session overview:

session I — grounding

60 minutes 

ancestral healing, chakras, the dreamscape, divination, cleansing, altar work, veneration, meditation, journal and art therapy, inner critic, self-talk, relationship to your environment 

session II — embodiment 

60 minutes 

healing and recovery, plant medicine, homeostasis, nootropics, body work, emotional dysregulation and co-dysregulation, polyvagal theory, restoring a sense of safety, acupuncture, massage therapy, dance

session III — consciousness 

60 minutes 

understanding vibration/frequency, energy cleansing/energetic boundaries, neuro-linguistic programming, subconscious, collective unconscious, quantum physics


also includes:
  • ancestral healing divination
  • the conjurer as ancestral healing archetype eBook

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