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ancestral initiation via the dreamscape

ancestral initiation via the dreamscape

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Tarot and oracle card readings have been utilized by life coaches, spiritual teachers, healers, diviners, seers, and ordinary people from all walks of life. they are revelatory tools for spiritual expansion. This general reading will offer insight on what area or areas are in need of and will respond to your intention and attention at this time.


“dreaming is concerned with maintaining and renewing bridges to a deeper and higher reality and with opening paths for soul and its healing.”
from the secret history of dreaming x robert moss


Have you had a strange dream or nightmare before? or do you have recurring dreams? whether naturally or induced by plant medicines like blue lotus, dreams often hold encoded messaging about your past, present and/or future. they highlight people in your lives as archetypes. they allow your ancestors and guides to communicate with you. 

This reading is for anyone who is interested in exploring their dreamscape. 



help you bring awareness to patterns that no longer serve you as we develop a simple and highly effective plan of action. moving from a state of burnout to fulfillment requires the implementation of a spiritual practice including ritual and plant medicines that work together to heal and reintegrate the body-mind-soul complex.


session overview:

45 minutes 

intro — grounding meditation

divination — reading & breakdown

conclusion — questions & healing recommendations

topics we may also address include: ancestral healing, chakras, the dreamscape, altar work, ancestral veneration, meditation, journal and art therapy, inner critic, self-talk, relationship to your environment, healing and recovery process, plant medicine, homeostasis, nootropics, body work, emotional dysregulation and co-dysregulation, polyvagal theory, restoring a sense of safety, acupuncture, massage therapy, dance, understanding vibration/frequency, energy cleansing/energetic boundaries, neuro-linguistic programming, subconscious, collective unconscious, quantum physics


also includes:
  • session recording
  • session summary pdf
  • post-session follow up by email
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