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protection bundle - roses&concrete

protection bundle

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the crystals chosen for you can be used in meditation or kept in your left pocket to protect against negative energies infiltrating the auric body. though each crystal will have multiple benefits, this bundle is specifically for protection and grounding the energy in the Earth Star and root chakras. these crystals will also help counteract the intense feelings experienced during eclipses, various transits, moon cycles, and other cosmic occurrences. for  cleansing, purifying, and protecting.

the use of sage [particulary smoke] as a cleansing agent is an ancient practice. burning sage in the home or office space also rids the space of negative energies and spirits. the smoke from this sacred herb is not only vital for spiritual cleansing, but it also cleanses the respiratory system. palo santo is most commonly used for purifying the energy field, inspiring creativity, promoting protection, attracting good fortune and love. it clears negative energy, just like sage, but it has the added benefit of replacing the negative energy that was dispelled with positive energy. palo santo raises your vibration and the vibration of the space you're in, allowing you to connect to the Divine. I use it daily, because the sweet aroma is energizing and lifts my spirits as I prepare to tackle my to-do list!

my daily morning meditation routine consists of burning sage and palo santo along with the use of crystals, which drastically increases the benefits. crystals can diminish the impact of negatives energies on the physical body and the emotions, increase feelings of comfort and safety, or even promote love. for every human emotion there is a crystal companion that will soothe, enhance, or negate its effects.