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technician of the sacred

technician of the sacred

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hour-long podcast episode break down of the energies surrounding the final full moon before the spring equinox. with this full moon being in virgo you can expect a thorough dredging up of issues you've faced over that past 12-months. with the equinox comes a refreshing and a revival. 2020's fullness descends, so this full moon is your last opportunity to understand and release some deep wounds.

themes: time, ancestors, the dreamscape, water, the mother wound, inner child healing, throat chakra, root chakra, intuition, balance of earth and water, trust, divine nurturance, source of life, programming from ages 0-7, change, self-care, re-examine youth, impact of primary caretakers, communication and throat chakra blockages, pluto in scorpio generation [ millennials ], trickster, collective unconscious [ carl jung ], #7, mystical power, direct connection with source


featured oracle deck:
    • the mayan oracle: a galactic language of light x ariel spilsbury & michael brainier


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